Chief Supply Chain Officer

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Provo, UT, USA

Mission Statement

We build products that inspire innovation, build global economies, and create tangible experiences for people around the world. 

Who We Are

Shyft is a full turnkey solution for supply chain and product development needs. 

Shyft's Offerings Include

  • Product Research and Ideation

  • Product Design 

  • Product Development

  • Sourcing/Procurement

  • Factory Negotiation/Terms Management

  • Production Management

  • Supply Chain Strategy (redundancies, geographical considerations, geopolitical considerations, nearshoring, JIT, Agile, Financing, etc.)

  • Quality Control/Management

  • Logistics to from Vendor to DC/Warehouses 

Shyft is NOT

  • 3PL 

  • Trucking Company 

  • Logistics Partner

  • Warehouse Operator

Our Team

We have worked diligently throughout the years to attract and keep the best talent. Our Executive team consists of the following individuals: 


Alex Burdge, CEO

Alex is our co-founder and CEO and has a degree from Brigham Young University in Supply Chain Management. Alex has been working in the industry for the better part of a decade and has experience running several of his own companies as well as helping establish supply chains for companies in varying sectors. 


Mark Burdge, Chairman

Mark has 35+ years of management and supply chain experience. Notably, Mark has owned and operated a handful of domestic factories in soft goods and packaging industries. Mark has negotiated contracts on global stages and is a primary reason for our ability to expand into new countries constantly. 


Norm Scirkovich, COO

Norm has been with us since the first few weeks of our business and has been an anchor to our operational success. Norm has experience working in factories and building supply chains globally for companies in various sectors. 


Ryan Smith, CFO

Formerly early employee at Fintech enterprise Divvy. Ryan brings with him a war chest of experience and connections in the financial sector and is helping us to take the next steps in offering financial services to key customers. 


Ryan Jung, CDO

Ryan came to join us from his Director of Design position at Skullcandy where he managed three segments of the company’s design department (Industrial Design, CMF, and Prototyping). Ryan has aggressively built a world-class design team (8 team members) to be able to service customers in the “pre-production” stages of their product life cycles. 


Daniel Johnson, CTO

Daniel has a history of successful entrepreneurship accompanied by several successful exits. Daniel is an experienced software engineer and is instrumental in the research and implementation of our software stack and IT throughout the company. 

Our Customers

As we continue to grow, we are becoming more deliberate about the partnerships we enter into. We have found that there are several “types” of customer that fit our growth model and mission-related goals. The two main types of customer are as follows: 

  1. Lifestyle Partnerships- Turnkey. This type of customer is a lifestyle and mission heavy brand that is seeking to remove growth constraints in supply chain, financing, and product-to-market development/design. Companies of note that we currently work with in this format are: Purple Mattress, Pura Fragrance, Brixton, Thread Wallets, Gravel Travel, Pattern, Eagle Creek, The Wanderful, and more. 

  2. Commodity Sourcing/Management. This type of customer is an enterprise entity that needs high-volume commodity sourcing and vendor management. These relationships are focused on high volume, lower complexity integration between teams. Customers of note in this category are: PetIQ, Chuck E Cheese Entertainment, Supply Chain Engineers, Barnes&Nobles,, and more. 

Industry Focus

We have touched most industries, but have particular depth and focus in the soft goods, plastics, packaging and co-packing categories. 

Company Size/Offices

  • 35 Employees 

  • HQ- Provo, UT (26 Employees), Moving to North Orem, UT Summer 22’

  • China Offices: Yiwu, Shenzhen, Changsha (5 Employees)

  • Vietnam Office: Ho Chi Minh (2 Employees)

  • Mexico Office: Mexico City (2 Employees)

Our History

Shyft was bootstrapped as a family business in 2017. We believe strongly in principles of conservatism when it comes to growth and opportunities and strive to make business decisions accordingly. We’ve seen too many companies grow more quickly than they had the ability to deliver and determined from the outset to do all we could to hedge against that outcome. In keeping with this mindset, we have not yet made any attempts to advertise our services to the marketplace—all growth has been organic and referral-based and has allowed us to grow between 50-100% annually most years. We are currently projecting another 50% growth year, followed by a 100% growth year based solely on our outstanding contracts and customers. We’re looking for a leader who has familiarity with best practices and is excited about the potential of continuing this aggressive growth pattern with us. 

Job Description

Reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer, the CSCO shall be responsible for the strategic course as well as the day-to-day functions of supply chain and light manufacturing organization. The CSCO will be a member of the executive team. The CSCO is responsible for collaborating with other executive leaders to set and meet business objectives while driving the business forward.

Key Responsibilities

  • Evaluates the performance of all supply chain and light manufacturing operations across the organization, develops plans for its continuous improvement and then implements strategies to achieve desired results;

  • Manages global sourcing and procurement efforts, processes, standards, etc.

  • Maintains knowledge of all industry standards and safety protocols, ensuring guidelines are enforced at contracted factory partners to minimize risk and ensure safety.

  • Monitors and evaluates process and workflow, implementing needed process improvements in supply chain and manufacturing areas;

  • Ensures supply chain and light manufacturing performance and quality goals are met;

  • Acts as the primary company representative in contract negotiations for factories and vendors;

  • Directs global supply chain strategies in accordance with customer’s needs and overall company vision;

  • Collaborates with the executive team and other stakeholders to increase profitability and carry out other business-expanding strategies;

  • Prepares and delivers timely and accurate performance reports;

  • Cultivates and provides opportunities for rising talent within the organization

Preferred Qualifications

  • Undergraduate/bachelor's degree and applicable certification(s)

  • Must have advanced functional knowledge in Supply Chain/Operations with a minimum of seven (7) years’ relevant experience;

  • Advance proficiency in MS Office Suite and ability to use job-specific software/hardware/programs;

  • Advance proficiency in Supply Chain Management software solutions;

  • Strong experience with vendor relations and negotiation;

  • Strong organizational and time management skills;

  • Strong analytical, decision-making, and problem-solving skills;

  • Strong verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills; and

  • Ability to influence and gain the trust of stakeholders at all levels.

Job Type : Full-Time


  • 401(k)

  • Dental Insurance 

  • Medical Insurance

  • Health Savings Account

  • Cell Phone Stipend 

  • Mileage Reimbursement

  • PTO (3-6 weeks based on tenure)

  • Referral Fee Program

  • Weekly Company Meal

  • Flex WFH day 1+ times/week

  • Relocation Allowance if needed (details to be negotiated per instance)

Office Amenities

  • 7,000 square foot state of the art exercise gym (Cycling studio, Tonal, Mirror, Peloton, Yoga, Weight Training, Calisthenics, Cardio, etc. 

  • Outdoor Volleyball, Ping Pong, Basketball, Tennis, Pickle ball Courts. 

  • Culinary Cafeteria on-site, breakfast and lunch 3x’s week

  • Food trucks 2x’s/week

  • Sundance Corporate Passes 

  • Running, hiking, cycling trails on-campus

  • Indoor common areas include ping pong, shuffleboard, billiards, seating and dining areas

  • e-bikes and e-scooters 

  • e-vehicle charging stations

  • Showers, lockers, bike storage

  • Our Location

Job Timeframe: Immediate, flexible with accommodations per scenario

The Future at Shyft

​We are ambitious about the future and are looking for someone who is excited about the high-growth opportunities we can provide. We need a leader who can manage complex supply chain issues and can steer the company’s strategic direction to meet our aggressive goals. We strive to cultivate a positive work environment where all employees can make deep impact and grow without ceilings in their careers. Come join us!