OUR Specialties

Soft goods engineering & prototyping

Hand over your worries and enjoy the journey. Our experienced team will provide relief by walking you step by step through the development stage. Assessing all your needs and providing you with expert insight.

Product sourcing & quality control

We’ve taken the time to evaluate, and establish relationships with factories all over the world so you don’t have to. You’ll never need to spend another sleepless night trying to communicate, source or worry over where and how your product is being produced.

PROduct Fulfillment & Logistics

Your timeline is ours. At Shyft we work around the clock to find you the fastest, safest and most cost-efficient solutions. It’s more than moving things from one place to another, it’s about being able to anticipate potential problems and solutions leaving you with complete peace of mind.

Purchase order financing

We call this the doom cycle. You need product to sell to make money but the factory won’t release without payment. This is where we come in and provide you with the financial assistance so you can keep up with demand.


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